it's dangerous out there, take this!

his mustache moves like hands

hopefully even more posts eventually

i'm back

oh hey again... here's some sketchbook stuff from this summer!

moar soon



crappy quality gif... probably my favourite joster scene so far though!


#216 teddiursa

If it finds honey, its crescent mark glows. It always licks its paws because
they are soaked with honey.

is also an easy target for hunters in the wild cause its head is so freakishly huge.

more pokemon coming... 


pokemon #239

It generates electricity by spinning its arms.

elekid aww yeah 



A project from way back when, Rockabuki = Rockabilly + Kabuki

I wonder what will become of it... 


holland 1945

#214 Heracross

"This powerful Pokémon thrusts its prized horn under the enemies' bellies then lifts and throws them."

#185 Sudowoodo

"Although it always pretends to be a tree, its composition appears to be closer to a rock than a grass."

pokemon and neutral milk hotel= nice

more are coming, trainers are gathering